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Monte Vista Cross Country Legacy Fund

A small but committed group of active and alumni parents started the MVXC Legacy Fund to recognize, support and sustain the Monte Vista High School running program for the values it creates in our student athletes; namely the discipline, commitment, resilience, tenacity and teamwork developed by the MVXC program. Whether our kids run in college or not, lifelong skills and character development stay with them into college studies and professional pursuits.

We are fortunate to have a highly-experience, former college running coach working with our kids six days a week, 50 weeks a year. Patrick Wales-Dinan has coached hundreds of kids over his tenure, many of whom have gone on to collegiate running and others who can look back at changes in their lives and the impact they've created and inspired while being part of this program.

For team equipment and meet costs beyond his paltry school budget, Patrick has patched the program together with the help of volunteer parents and near-volunteer coaches to stretch the limited amount of participation fees and donations received. The team has minimal training equipment and no dedicated facilities - surprising for a program of this sophistication and success.

This MVXC Legacy Fund has set a 2022 goal of $30,000 to raise funds toward a dedicated MVXC Track House, a training and storage facility located adjacent to the track. The fund will also support meet logistics and travel and training opportunities for the program. We will expand this effort to the MVT&F team in the Spring.

Patrick's team philosophy is built around pursuing excellence, showing selflessness, resilience and consistency and being active contributors to the program. As parents, we are an important part of modeling and inspiring that legacy. This MVXC Legacy fund is about creating a close-knit community of commitment and tradition for our program and an opportunity to share the journey with our kids and like-minded parents as active, engaged and contributing members of the team. Thank you for your support.

Monthly MVXC Newsletter

  • Athlete profile (alumni and current)

  • Coaches corner (training and racing updates)

  • Educational series and guest speakers (mental training, nutrition, physiology, time management, college planning)

MVXC Gear and Events

  • Access to special team gear

  • Speaker series

  • Parent socials

  • Coach talks and briefings

Commitment Levels

  • $5,000 Founder's Circle (lifetime)

  • $3,000 Champion Circle

  • $1,000 Varsity Circle

  • $400 400m club

Tax Deductible, 100% dedicated to MVXC

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