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Team Donation

Amount: $400.00

How to pay: Preferably by check, made out to  "Monte Vista Track & Field" given to Coach Wales-Dinan


Other: If you prefer to pay online, CLICK HERE


Your payment is tax-deductible

Where does my donation go?

Here are the details you need to know about what your team donation goes towards:

  • Coaching Stipends $13,500

    • (This year we have 6 paid coaches on staff but the district will only pay for 2 of them, including myself.) We are required to raise the rest of the money for coaches through donations 

  • Entry Fees: $6,700

    • Last year we spent $6,200 on entries. We have a much larger team this year and should spend more.

  • Uniforms and gear: $15,041

    • EVERY athlete on the team will receive the following

      • Backpack

      • Dri Fit Long Sleeve

      • Hoodie

      • Uniform Top

      • Uniform Bottom

  • Buses: $2,940

    • We have a bus for one meet this year. 

  • Team Equipment: $3,500

    • Throwing implements 

    • Pole Vault Poles

    • Hurdles

    • Blocks

    • Medicine Balls

We desperately need everyone to pay their team donation!

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