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Cross Country Info:

  • Cross Country in 2023 will begin August 7th, 2023. The last day of the 2023 season will be 11/25/2023.

  • Please sign up for our email distribution list located here: Email Distribution List 

  • You MUST be cleared through athletic clearance PRIOR to attending the first day of practice. If you are not cleared you may be unable to participate.

  • If you have an outdated physical and need one quickly, consider CVS Sports Physical via Minute Clinic

  • Team Expectations & Commitments:

    • Cross Country is a development sport, NOT a participation sport. If you are joining simply to participate, we ask that you reevaluate your reason for being here. We are trying to develop all athletes to the best of their ability and that is impossible if the athlete is not invested in the same goal. 

    • You are expected to attend practice EVERYDAY from 3:45pm until 5:45pm meeting at the Monte Vista Track. Tuesday practice will be at 6:30pm and sometimes will be off campus. Please check our detailed fall training schedule for information about practice locations. We also have practice every Saturday that we do not have competitions. Saturday practices will be in the mornings at various locations and begin at 7:30am. You are expected to attend ALL competitions that your coaches enter you in. 

    • We will have a policy for attending practice. You may miss up to 3 practices in a season, and missed practices beyond this number will result in consequences. Consequences my consist of being held out of competitions and/or removal from the team.

    • Family vacations, college visits, tutoring, dentist appointments, doctor appointments (with a few exceptions), internships, volunteering, anniversary parties, birthdate parties, etc. will count against the athlete practice attendance rate.

    • The coaching staff has sole authority over the determination of the competition lineup.

    • Competitions are mostly on Saturday's and generally take the entire day. 

    • You must be dressed to participate in practice. Running shoes are required. Athletic clothes are required. Soccer style shorts are ok, basketball style shorts are not. 

    • All of this being said. The coaching staff will try their best to accommodate new athletes to the team. If you are new, please have the ATHLETE reach out to the coaching staff to discuss conflicts: COACHES

  • Team Communication Workflow:​

    • Athletes should communicate directly with coaches whenever possible. We believe the ability to advocate for your needs is an important life skill and one that we are hoping to help to develop here. All communication regarding practice and meet attendance, team policies, injuries or other concerns, should always start with a conversation between athlete and coach. If an athlete is unable to speak directly with a coach at practice, they should email the coaches directly. ​

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