Alumni Boys / Current Team Girls take honors at the 9th Annual Alumni Race

Thirty alumni show up today to meet old teammates, share stories, and once again take on the MV course - including a visit to their old friend The Eliminator hill. Alumni actually outnumbered the current team, but the current squad was determined to send a message as well.

Former head coach Mike Huntsman handled the timing duties, while coaches Bhavik and Mandee helped get everyone assembled at the starting line and ready to go at 9:30. Once the "gun" went off, the group sprinted through the grass field and the fun began! Up front, Coach Bhavik (also an alumni) battled with current SF State teammates Feldman and Garaventa, with the alumni boys massing in the top ten. In the girls race, Jr Brooke Starn grabbed an early and commanding lead, while the next few positioned alternated between alumni and current team girls.

Since there was a large Mustang Soccer tournament going on as well, the runners were greeted by 'fans in the stands' - a first for the alumni race!

Many veterans and new runners were simply trying to get through the tough two mile course, with jokes and laughter early on turning to grunts and groans in the hills. But the two mile course goes by quickly, and soon everyone was streaking down the hill and heading towards the finish. Well, everyone except alumni Justin Yarkin (03) who ran the "old course" in the last 1/2 mile and ended up in the swing sets! He was all smiles at the finish though.

In the end, the alumni boys took 4 of the first five positions, with sophomore Daniel Maneloveg running a stellar time to break up their scoring. The Alumni Boys ran to a 18-41 victory today. In the girls race, the current team runners took 1st and 3rd (Starn / Corda) with the alumni taking 2nd and 4th (Aha and Smiley). However, new freshmen Audrey Coney, Maddie Coney alone with "rookie" Jr Heidi Fuhriman sealed the deal for the current team girls.

Many fun stories were shared with promises to return next season. Hope you can join us!

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